Wild life in Great Britain

“Hedgehog “ (Watercolour)

David Parry lives in Wiltshire and Cornwall and has taken his skills honed in Africa to the country side with an acute and sensitive observation of both bird and animal life. We show here an archive of a selection of his stunning work. If you want to know when new work is being offered then register your interest so we alert you when he does.

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“Badgers in Cornwall” (Watercolour)

“Otter on the Fowey” (Watercolour)

“Tawny Owl” (Watercolour)

 “Swans on the Fowey Estuary”(Watercolour)

“Barn Owl “ (Watercolour)

“Pheasant” (Watercolour)

Above: “Wiltshire Barn Owl”(Watercolour)

Left:  “Grey Partridge”(Watercolour)

Right:  “Black Grouse” (Watercolour)

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“Otter” (Watercolour)

“Kingfisher” (Watercolour)

“Ringed Plover Resting”

“Woodcock” (Watercolour)


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