Wild life in Africa

“African Elephant” (Oil)

“Keeping Up” (Pencil)

“Mara Lion Head” (Pencil)

“Serengeti Wilderbeest” (Oil)

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David Parry started his passion for wildlife with a wonderful portfolio of work painted on safari in Africa,  for  which he is now internationally acclaimed, with several awards.  The selection of work shown here is part of his archive from this period but he will be going on safari again so register your interest if you wish to be alerted when he does.

Left:  Mara Warrior (Oil)

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“Cape Buffalo” (Pencil)

“Cape Buffalo Alert” (Watercolour)

“Leopard” (Pencil)

“Leopard” (Watercolur)

Galleries and events

“Cheetah” (Watercolur)

“In the Shade of the Acacias” (Pencil)

“Ngorongoro Pride Lion” (Pencil)

“Zebra and Young” (Pencil)

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